It’s All about Tile Cutting

A number of experts have realized that to get the best outcomes a tool such as Sigma tile cutter is necessary, considering its history, the Sigma has been designed for dedicated expert jobs since the year 1969. Also, this equipment has been examined and analyzed for normal use, the assurance of high quality products and the highest standards of safety.

SIG 2B tif 640x480 q85 300x225 It’s All about Tile CuttingSigma cutters are available in some models that can assist you in different jobs and every model has got different advantages and utilities. The first two models are 10M and 10L that provide you exact measurements. The 10L model is manufactured with motor units having maximum correctness on 8 conserved in advance and an efficient high resistant tubular metallic bar. This equipment can cut tiles into square holes. The 10M model is much suitable for heavy purposes thus, the equipment comes with a blade of 300 mm diameter and a motor of 2200W. The manufacturers have also provided sigma tile cutter spare parts with their models so that their products are always ready to serve their customers.

Another model is Sigma diagonal tile cutter which is manufactured particularly to cut thick tiles. This equipment provides to calculate the correctness of measurement of tiles to be snapped. Furthermore, the model is produced in compressed dimensions so it is transportable. The Sigma diagonal involved the Model 5A- Diagonal (51 cm), Model 5B Diagonal (62 cm) and Model 4A Diagonal (75 cm).

Sigma cutter Model is another version of Sigma tile cutter series. In brief, this tiling equipment is able to cut various types of thick tiles without requiring any sort of adjustment. Also, its measurements can be determined in centimeters like other models that depend on your requirements. As well, with lighter weight, the equipment can be carried at any time you want.

Apart from above models, there are still a number of models available in the market including 5 (50 cm), 7A (33 cm), Model 2B3 Tecnica (66 cm), 6 (35 cm), Model 3D (93 cm) and Model 2A Tecnica (51 cm). Along with this, there are spare parts provided to be used as replacements including handles, diamond blades, ruler extension arms, locking bolts, gauging squares and spare wheels.

Cutting tiles is difficult due to its fragile nature, if you handle the cutter wrongly it could be broken easily, while placing a tile, it is necessary to adjust it so that the tile in tight in the device.

If you have a limited budget and cant afford to purchase one then visit your local hardware store and see if you can rent one.

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